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Steps to Pick the Right Counsellor

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

When you buy clothes, you decide whether you want a top or jeans or a dress and you pick a colour, you pick the brand and finally, you try them on. When we take so much time deciding our clothing, think about how much time you should spend on deciding who the right counsellor is for you

  1. Identify the Right Type of Counsellor that Suits your Current Need: Are you looking for career advice? or is it a relationship problem or is it something broader? You must do enough research before you decide to find someone you need

  2. Use a known counsellor as a resource/ask someone who has been to a counsellor: It is a terrible idea to ask a friend to be your counsellor, however, they could point you to someone they know. Or, ask a friend who has been to a counsellor that you know.

  3. Check for reviews/ask for feedback: Check online or check with the people you know to understand what you'd be signing up for.

  4. Contact the counsellor/Interview them: Find out where they studied, if they have dealt with this type of issue before, whether they have the proper training to practice.

  5. Charge for counselling: Please find out well in advance, how much charge the counsellor charges and you communicate with them and express any concerns you have regarding the same.

  6. Trust yourself: Trust the vibes you get, trust how it feels to you and trust your gut. If it does not feel comfortable, if it does not feel right, do not go to that counsellor.

  7. Things to watch out for once you enrol for counselling:

    1. The therapist has violated your confidentiality or has not informed you about their obligation to maintain confidentiality.

    2. The therapist is talking more than you and interrupting you often

    3. Any inappropriate behaviours from the therapist (sexual or otherwise).

Hope this helps you pick the counsellor that fits you best and sheds light on what to look for!

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